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Car wash & detailling service

Bubbles car wash is an eco-friendly, hand car wash and detailing service based in Aurangabad . The encouraged Aurangabad resident to start a professional door-to-door car wash and car -polishing services as a BUBBLES CAR WASH. To save the time, money and the real color of the car and  to meet contemporary demand of door-to-door car wash in reasonable and affordable prices by a team of experts with more then 10 years of professional car wash experience. We operate various types of car washes in Aurangabad area. Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible. We use the most modern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part of our car wash systems. Our products are all biodegradable and eco-friendly

Our specialised car cleaning treaments include odourless and eco-friendly cleaning, interior polishing, exterior enrichment for the swirl marks, hairline scratches, cement spots, paint spots, road grime marks and protective polymer coating treatment to avoid dullness and deterioration of the car from acid rain, dust-settle, water settle, bird poop, liquid Spills, UV rays of the sun & further oxidisation. In short, we offer one-stop solution for all vehicles with lustrous shine to your cars.

The Best Car Wash
  • We offer multiple services at a great value to meet your needs
  • We offer a premium service while saving your time and money
  • We offer car wash in Aurangabad from morning to evening
  • We use Biodegradable and eco-friendly products
  • Our crew members are all trained and skilled that we can deliver the best results
Contacting Us
  • We are a young and transparent organisation
  • Our email is checked hourly during the day
  • Book an appointment online under 3 minutes
  • Our Call centre number will be answered
  • You can pay online for your appointment

No 1. Car Wash Booking System

Our Process

We know your time is valuable
  • 1. Booking
  • 2. Inspection
  • 3. Valuation
  • 4. Completion

We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in multiple locations offering convenient hours. Bubbles Car Wash is the simplest and most reliable car care solution to keep your car clean at your doorstep every day. Bubbles Car Wash is an end to end car cleansing solution which ensures the wash experience for your car as a memorable one with no compromise in quality at the lowest price. We offer daily car wash services, on demand services related to car care. Bubbles Car Wash promises a guaranteed and reliable daily car wash. We are fully operational in Aurangabad

Experienced Team

Our crew members are all trained and skilled and fully equiped with equipment and supplies needed that we can deliver the best results. There are passionate 02 supervisors and 20 cleaning staff who dedicated towards various professional  type of car cleaning

Organic products

Our products are eco-friendly and interior products are all organic. We use less than a gallon of water with absolutely zero-waste.

Great Value

We offer multiple services at a great value to meet your needs. We offer a premium service while saving your time and money.

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+91 8600312777

Our Address

A-7, Regency Garden,
Ithkheda , Paithan Road ,
Aurangabad – 431001

Working hours

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8 am – 3 pm

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